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Oregon Medical Board Information 

The OMB will accept oral testimony on the
proposed rule at the public hearing. 

Public Hearing
December 2, 2016, 11:00 am
Oregon Medical Board
1500 SW 1st Ave, Suite 620, Portland, OR 97201

You may send written comments by
11:30 a.m. on December 2, 2016. 
Send comments by e-mail to:  
Nicole Krishnaswami

Send comments by mail  to: Rules Coordinator
1500 SW 1st Ave., Suite 620, Portland, OR 97201 




The OAAOM has been working with the Oregon medical Board (OMB) to clarify "Oriental Massage" under our scope of practice. Prior to this definition, it was quite unclear what we were doing with OM and thus it was quite ambiguous in terms of what treatments were being provided under this category. 

The Acupuncture Advisory Committee (AAC, part of the OMB) worked with the OAAOM to come to the following, proposed definition: 

"Oriental massage" means methods of manual therapy, including manual mobilization, manual traction, compression, rubbing, kneading and percussion, with or without manual implements, for indications including limited range of motion, muscle spasm, pain, scar tissue, contracted tissue and soft tissue swelling, edema and inflammation, as described in insructional programs and materials of Oriental of Asian health care. Oriental massage as practiced in Oregon does not include high-velocity, short-amplitude, manipulative thrusting procedures to the articulations of the spine or extremeties."

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