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Ross McCallum, LAc
Ross came from Knoxville, Tennessee to Portland, Oregon to become an acupuncturist, met a girl, and stayed.  He's always played the drums, was in the restaurant field for a few years, got a degree in psychology as the fastest bachelor of arts degree possible on the way to the East Asian Medicine field, and loves his family and the outdoors.  He has lived in China twice totalling about 7 months, once to learn Chinese before Chinese Medicine school, and once to learn about how the Chinese do acupuncture and herbs.  He's been a member of the board of several non-profits and community groups and serves on the OAAOM to defend against insurance companies and other corporations that are out to get him.  

I joined the OAAOM board of directors to make sure this ancient medicine is grown in terms of access to care instead of marginalized.  I hope to see acupuncture as a given in medical clinics and hospitals as delivered by well paid, licensed acupuncturists who are well-educated in their field.  I plan to be part of the solution to the problems that come from an insurance industry that focuses on saving money instead of saving lives.  It will take baby steps and big moves both, but I see this as among the best places to be to accomplish these goals.   


Mary Jean Brinkman, LAc, MAcOM 
Mary Jean Brinkman LAc came to acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a second career.  She spent the first 10 years in social services and wanted to continue work that impacted people positively so sought out a degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  Mary Jean completed her MAcOM at OCOM in 2010.  She then traveled to China to complete a 5 week internship training at Nanjing University of TCM.  She is board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbology and holds a BA in Sociology and Human Relations from St Cloud State University.  Mary Jean has been a OAAOM board member and a member of the Legislative Committee since 2015.  

I joined the OAAOM board and the Legislative Committee so I could help advance and protect the medicine I love.  We need to be advocating for and protecting our profession, whether that is advancing new legislation to stave of the ever cumbersome burdens put on us by insurance companies or stopping other professions from practicing dry needling or meeting directly with insurers to help streamline processes.  I'm excited to be a part of a professional organization that has provided such great protection and advocacy in the past and will continue to do so into the future.


Elizabeth Bourgeois MSOM, LAc 
As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I have a curiosity for what makes each and every one of us tick. No two people are identical, and neither are their health concerns. I find the unique ways necessary to bring individuals to a place of balance and good health. We all have the right to enjoy the pleasures life can hold, to thrive, and to do so free of suffering.

I feel driven to help move our Oregon practices in a positive direction so that we may, as a whole, benefit patients in the most advantageous and effective manner. I see questions around the scope of our practice rising quickly and know the next few years will be important for the development of our practices. For this reason, I reached out to join the OAAOM!

As a clinician, I understand the daily challenges of being a practitioner. Moving from my educational program into the real world of acupuncture was frustrating. When I joined the OAAOM board, I wanted to have a clearer understanding of the struggles our profession faced. This has afforded me important insight into our legislative matters and an opportunity to work on solutions. This year I will be managing the OAAOM Legislative Committee. My goal is to work alongside our lobbyist and members to address our concerns for real changes to the way we are valued and compensated for our very important services at a legislative level.


Pac/West Account Manager
Dan Cushing

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Beth Howlett, LAc





Erin Leider






Jon Cotant, LAc




Munleen Soni, LAC

Munleen K. Soni LAc interest in holistic, Oriental Medicine started in high school; unfortunately she was socialized to believe that pursuing Western Medicine was the only viable route to success. After studying for a Master’s in Public Health, completing an Intensive Medical Gross Anatomy Bootcamp and a year of Osteopathic Medical School in Appalachia she could no longer deny herself what she always knew was her path. After experiencing a profound series of mental and physical health crises she finally possessed the courage to acknowledge her vision – providing palliative, restorative and minimally invasive health care via acupuncture and herbs. She received her doctorate in 2017 from NUNM where she had the opportunity to study Classical Medical Chinese and wrote a dissertation on Ying and Wei disharmony.

I joined the board as membership director to encourage students and licensed acupuncturists to unite and protect this most ancestral medicine. She hopes to raise awareness about issues such as legislation that allows illegal practice of acupuncture or restrictions on our scope of practice including access to particular herbs. In addition she wishes to help educate the public about the fact that licensed acupuncturists are considered to be surgeons – minimally invasive yet combined with classical formulas comprise a potent arsenal of potential. We are uniquely able to influence at all stages of life from engendering birth to providing hospice. She is determined to mitigate barriers that prevent this most ancestral energetic medicine from alleviate suffering for future generations.

Board Member

Tara Gregory, LAC
Tara Gregory is an Oregon licensed acupuncturist with a private practice in NW Portland. She completed her MAcOM from OCOM in 2012 and went on to postgraduate study in Nanjing, China with OCOM’s China Study Abroad Externship. She then volunteered with the Acupuncture Relief Project in rural Nepal for two months treating patients in underserved communities. Prior to her studies of Chinese Medicine Tara taught yoga in CA and HI and studied dietary therapy with Paul Pitchford. Tara is currently the OAAOM Membership Director and is looking forward to both helping expand membership and to enhance the membership experience. 

I became an OAAOM board member because I believe strongly in unifying our profession to grow a cohesive, robust lobby of influence in order to advocate for and advance our profession. I want to help protect our scope of practice, improve and expand access to care, increase awareness of our value within the medical community, and ensure that licensed acupuncturists are able to earn a living wage. As the membership director my goal is to enhance communication to our members, highlighting the benefits of membership and sharing the advocacy work that is being done on our behalf on a state and national level. 




Tracy Thorne, LAC
Tracy Thorne earned her Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture (MA). She studied both Chinese and Japanese acupuncture styles and Chinese herbal medicine. Prior to that she received her Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.  She has studied Japanese styles of acupuncture (Keiraku chiryo) extensively since receiving her degree both in the U.S. and Japan.  She completed a post-graduate training in Classical Chinese herbalism through the Institute for Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM). She has been a faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for 9 years where she teaches a course in Japanese styles of acupuncture and moxibustion.  Her clinic is in SE Portland where she has practiced for 13 years.

I joined the OAAOM as alternate board member so that I could be part of a team of people who are committed to our profession and all that it has to offer.  Medical care in the 21st century faces many challenges:  insurance companies, drug use and abuse, affordability issues, access to good care and a deficit of truly holistic options for patients.  The OAAOM is dedicated to brining the acupuncture community together in facing these challenges with the robust solutions that traditional East Asian medicine provides.




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