Happy Hour with Brad Hamlin

  • 15 Mar 2017
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Luck Lab, 915 SE HAWTHORNE BLVD. PORTLAND, OR 97214


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Taming the Rivers: Regulating the Vessels with Renying/Cunkou Pulse Diagnosis
 Brad Hamlin, MAcOM, LAc

Course Description

The seminar is an introduction into regulating the vessels with the Renying/Cunkou pulse diagnosis technique. Brad Hamlin, MAcOM, LAc will give an overview of Neijing pulse types, the Renying/Cunkoyu method and clinical application through demonstration and hands-on practice.


  • Participants will review Neijing pulse types
  • Students will learn what renying and cunkou represent and why
  • Students will learn how to read RY/CK pulses 

Course Outline


  • Speaker intro
  • Hyper-brief intro to黃帝內經(Neijing)
  • Overview of Neijing pulse types 
    • radial : trunk/sanjiao (how differs from Nanjing/TCM)
    • sanbu jiuhou : regional/organ
    • renying cunkou :  vascular
  • Why I RY/CK (and you can too!)

 Theory (LingShu 9)

  • More specific RY/CK info
    •  經脈(jingmai) - vessels and terrain, not imaginary lines
    • What renying and cunkou represent and why
  • How to read RY/CK pulses 
    • Three levels of variation / jingmai differentiation
    • zao vs not zao 
  • one to the yin, two to the yang
  • never boost what is shi, never drain what is xu
  • to moxa or not to moxa, and how
  • frequency (how long between Tx's
  • Demonstration
  • Try it yourselves
 Q & A

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