Advancing the profession andhonoring the tradition ofacupuncture and Oriental medicinein the state of Oregon


Our MISSION is to advance the profession and honor the tradition of
acupuncture and Oriental medicine in Oregon.

Our VISION is to use strong, incentivized membership to engage in effective public outreach, education and AOM advocacy resulting in public policy that supports financial sustainability for practitioners, a strong statewide, national and international AOM community, and full integration of AOM in modern health care.

      • We PROTECT and ADVANCE the scope of practice of AOM in Oregon
      • We BUILD a supportive community for AOM practitioners
      • We PROVIDE business support and legal reference for AOM practitioners
      • We EDUCATE AOM practitioners to enhance their professional skills
      • We COMMUNICATE and COLLABORATE with other health care practitioners
      • We DEVELOP and NURTURE a relationship with the general public to increase AOM awareness, understanding and support
      • ADVOCACY - Promoting and advancing the AOM profession with evidence-based advocacy - both organization and grass roots - that demonstrates the effectiveness of AOM in modern health care
      • LEADERSHIP - Blazing the trail in advancing the AOM profession - collaboratively, enthusiastically, and proactively - with integrity, transparency, fiscal responsibility, adaptability and flexibility.
      • PROFESSIONALISM - Modeling the resect, timeliness, preparation, and compassion inherent in AOM in interactins with all who OAAOM serves.
      • RESPONSIVENESS - Representing an inclusive and diverse communtiy of AOM practitioners by effectively reflecting and communicating with OAAOM members and all who hold a stake in the AOM profession.
      • STEWARDSHIP  -  Serving as a steward of the AOM healing tradition by ensuring that focus on wellness, holism, and healing are fully integrated into modern health care.
      • SUPPORTIVENESS - Actively supporting its members, health care public policy setters, and all with whom it exchanges information through ongoing education and mentorship efforts.

OAAOM - PO Box 14615 - Portland, OR 97293 - 503-893-5993 -

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