OAA Response to COVID-19

5/25/2020 - Survey

The OHA, the OAA, DCBS, and Kate Brown's office need your help to determine your needs going forward in order to maintain Oregon's health care capacity!  Please fill this survey out by May 27th so we can get some information to the workgroup that is in charge of this monumental task.  There's no funding for this yet, but with your input, we might actually get some government aid as a profession.  Forward to all your acupuncturist colleagues, please!  This is NOT just for OAA members, but for any Oregon acupuncturist.   

4/30/2020 - CT Holman, LAc - Introduction to Facial Diagnosis for Telemedicine

4/29/2020 - Recommendations for Reopening

4/27/2020 - All Hands on Deck ACTION ALERT!  May 6, 2020 is your deadline for comment submission!

4/27/2020 - How to apply for PPP

4/16/2020 - 
Guohui Liu, MMed (China), LAc - Differentiation, Treatment and Prevention for COVID -19 Based on Theories of Six conformations and Warm-Pathogen Disease

4/9/2020 - Mori West Webinar - Billing Insurance for Telehealth'

4/5/2020 - Telemedicine General Information 

4/2/2020 - Heiner Fruehauf - The Role of Chinese Medicine in the COVID-19 Epidemic

3/26/2020 - OMB Update

3/25/2020 - CSOMA Town Hall Recording 

3/25/2020 - OAA COVID-19 Information Sharing Workgroup

3/25/2020 - OHA and the Governor's Office Say ... 

3/22/2020 - COVID - 19 Guidance Change  

3/21/2020 - OAA Notice of Conference Cancellation

3/21-2020 - COVID-19 Educational Series Announcement 

3/20/2020 - COVID-19 Guidance for Acupuncturists 

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