Dear Friend of Acupuncture,

Since 2008, the Oregon Association of Oriental Medicine (OAAOM) has been a fundamental force for advancing the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Oregon. The organization has worked closely with members, other professionals and institutions to increase the profile of the profession statewide, and join with other states in national advocacy.

The healthcare environment continues to change rapidly, with implementation of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), consolidation and contraction among conventional medical providers and insurers, and repeated threats to the scope of Licensed Acupuncturists in Oregon and across the nation.

The OAAOM identifies a prime opportunity for the founding of a political action committee, or PAC, to more effectively pursue the advancement of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at the legislative level.  We are very pleased to announce the formation of Acupuncture for Oregonians, a PAC dedicated to supporting candidates and initiatives that are of benefit to practitioners and patients of our medicine. The PAC has several advantages:

  • A $50 Oregon state tax credit for donors*
  • A stronger presence and influence in the political arena
  • The ability to receive donations from any member of the public
  • PACs are strictly regulated by the state of Oregon, so you can be assured your funds are spent only on political efforts that support acupuncture in Oregon

As per state regulations, the OAAOM Executive Board will administer any PAC funds. State law limits the political actions OAAOM can take without a PAC. The creation of the PAC will greatly expand our options for working toward access to acupuncture and Chinese medicine for all Oregonians, and the advancement and protection of scope of practice for Oregon acupuncturists.

Please consider a donation to Acupuncture for Oregonians. Due to strict regulations, donations must be made through the link above. Do not hesitate to contact OAAOM with any questions about this exciting new avenue of growth.

*Credited under the Oregon Political Tax credit. Ask your tax preparer or accountant for details. The OAAOM and Acupuncture for Oregonians do not provide tax advice.

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