Friends, family, and colleagues of acupuncturists, we need your help on or before May 6th, 2020, please!  

The Oregon Association of Acupuncturists (OAA) would like to thank Lisa Pool, LAc, for participating on the Essential Health Benefits Committee (and our lobbying firm Pac-West for their hard work on this).  We would like to further thank the Committee for submitting guidance ( in order that the Department of Consumer and Business Services may make a rule requiring acupuncture to become an essential health benefit to the tune of 12 visits per year by private insurance companies in Oregon.  The link above explains in more detail about the committee and it's other recommendations. 

Please submit a comment to the Committee Chairperson by May 6th, 2020 here:

Text of such a comment may look like this, but please feel free to add your own story or experience to the submission.  Feel free to cut and paste this into your submission. 

Concerning the recommendation by the EHB Committee advising DCBS

Acupuncture is an important part of our health care system in Oregon and I feel as if it should be added as an Essential Health Benefit by the DCBS.  Thank you to the Committee members for examining this important issue and coming to this conclusion.  I hope the DCBS makes the rule as recommended to them.   


We appreciate all you do, but especially this thing right now!

Thank you, 

Ross McCallum, LAc
President of the OAA

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