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October 2011


August 2011

  • The Court of Appeals Appellate Commissioner issued a Stay Order dated July 29, 2011, which suspends the new rule until the issue is resolved by a full panel of judges after hearing a full presentation of the arguments.

July 2011

June 2011

May 2011

March 2011

  • Senate Bill 780 Intro - Modifies definition of “acupuncture” to include insertion of solid needle into body to treat disorder. Limits ability of other health care practitioners to practice other therapy that is within definition of “acupuncture.”
  • Proposal Senator Jason Atkinson - Regarding Dry Needling - 12/14/09
  • House Bill 3028 Intro - Prohibits discrimination in rates of insurance reimbursement paid to specified providers.
  • Senate Bill 0225 Intro - Senate Bill 225 Intro - Permits  legislative  committee  considering  proposal to modify scope of practice of licensed health

    care  profession  to  request  that  Oregon  Health  Authority  convene  scope  of  practice  review  panel  to

    make  recommendations  to  Legislative  Assembly  on  proposal.

    January 2011




December 2010

November 2010

October 2010 - OMB Letter to Oregon Chiropractic Board
May 2010 - OAAOM Letter to Chiropractic Association
February 2010 - AAAOM DN opposes Physical Therapists - Feb 2010
November 2009



January 2011

Informational Forum – January 10, 2011 - An OCOM Alumni Association Sponsored event

Please attend an informational forum to learn about how chiropractors and physical therapists’ are attempting to put acupuncture in their scope of practice under the name “dry needling.”

Who: Interested students, faculty, staff and friends of acupuncture
What: “Dry Needling” informational forum
When: Monday, January 10th, 2011   5pm-7pm
Where:  OCOM Clinic Building   Room B
Why: Although the public safety risk of DC’s and PT’s doing acupuncture is obvious, this meeting of experts and students will attempt to explain the matter further and show how our coordinated actions will be most effective.



August 2010

Oregon Health Authority Meetings  - Help shape health reform in Oregon!

The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Health Policy Board are hosting six community meetings across the state in September to obtain public input on the board’s draft Comprehensive Plan for Health Reform, including the Health Insurance Exchange, a central marketplace for health insurance. Board members and staff will present progress on the plan and decision points, and will listen to your comments, concerns and recommendations.

Visit Oregon.com for information and meeting locations.

July 2010 -

- The Oregon Health Policy Board met Tuesday, July 13 in Portland. Topics included draft recommendations from the Health Improvement Plan committee; an update on the comprehensive plan framework; and the Essential Benefits Package. A recording of the July 13 meeting can be viewed online.

The Oregon Health Policy Board will be meeting
Tuesday, July 13 from 1 – 4:30 p.m. in Portland.


June 2010 -


May 2010 -

OAAOM Letter to Chiropractic Association


April 2010 -

March 2010  -
Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners (OBCE) dicuss Dry Needling
March Newsletter - Legislative Updates


February 2010 -
February Newsletter - Legislative Updates


January 2010  -
AOM First Professional Doctorate Guide
January Newsletter - Legislative Updates


December 2009  -
Physical Therapists - Dry Needling Letter from the OMB
-  December Newsletter - Legislative Updates

November 2009
- On November 20, 2009, the Physical Therapist Licensing Board held a meeting, inviting testimony from the OMB, Acupuncture Advisory Council and the OAAOM as well as the Oregon Physical Therapy Association.


July 2009
The Physical Therapist Licensing Board announced dry needling is within the scope of practice for PTs and PT assistants. In response, the OAAOM and over 30 practitioners of acupuncture contacted the Oregon Medical Board (OMB), Oregon's acupuncture licensing agency.  The Acupuncture Advisory Council, working with the Oregon Medical Board, determined that dry needling is acupuncture.



March 2009
Legislative Updates

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